Can Obama Form a Coalition Out of One That Already Exists?


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It’s a tall order for the leader-from-behind, but can he form a coalition out of one that already exits?

Mr. Obama hopes to take credit for a coalition that existed before he came onto the scene. What’s different is he claims he wants in.

David Rothkopf, CEO and Editor of “Foreign Policy” says that the coalition for which Obama is taking credit has actually existed for some time. He says, “What’s different is that the United States wants in.”

“For the past three years people have been saying get involved in Syria, get involved in trying to find a way to push back on these extremist forces. They said it again after ISIS took Fallujah in January,” Rothkopf continued.

He added, “It’s only now that the United States is saying, ‘okay, we’re ready,’ and that’s not exactly leadership and it’s not exactly putting together [a coalition].”

Watch this via Washington Free Beacon:

According to The Fiscal Times, Mr. Obama has dispatched Secretary of State John Kerry to the Middle East to form a coalition of Sunni nations in the fight against ISIS.

That would be the coalition that exists.

Speaking on Meet the Press Sunday morning, Obama said, “We’re going to need Sunni states to step up, not just Saudi Arabia, our partners like Jordan, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey. They need to be involved. This is their neighborhood.”

“Sunni extremism, as represented by ISIL, is the biggest danger that they face right now,” Obama said of Middle East nations. “And with that understanding, it gives us the capacity for them to start getting more active and more involved. And by the way, some of that’s military”.

We didn’t form the following coalition either – they are known as NATO members.

At last week’s NATO summit, Kerry pressed a group of 10 core nations to form a loose coalition to go after ISIS. Along with the United States, the coalition comprises the United Kingdom, France, Australia, Germany, Canada, Turkey, Italy, Poland and Denmark.

Iran is under the impression that they are partnering with the U.S. and if Obama bombs Syria, Assad, though all for it, has already made it clear that he better know all about it before it happens. So far, Iran and Syria are the most enthusiastic respondents to Obama’s call.