Can You Guess the Fastest Growing Language in the US


Arabic is the fastest growing language in the United States according to Pew Research. The title of the article announcing it is The challenges of translating the U.S. census questionnaire into Arabic. 

The Census Bureau is redesigning the questionnaire to meet their needs. We are multicultural now.

It wasn’t just translating, the article’s author opines, they had to adjust the appearance so it looks the way they are accustomed to seeing the page.

Instead of marking an “x”, a “√” might be “more culturally appropriate”. Arabic doesn’t have italics or capital letters, so they might use bolding and underlining.

They’ve already offered an Arabic language guide.

Not really sure why these accommodations have to be made.

It’s not just for Arabic. Where I live, they’re sending every government form out into the top six languages because we have a county legislator who said it’s discrimination not to do so. We no longer expect assimilation, we have to adapt. ACORN, now known as New York Communities for Change, was one of the moving forces behind it.

The growth in Arabic language use is tied to continued immigration from the Middle East and North Africa and the growing U.S. Muslim population. The increasing presence of this group is one reason the Census Bureau may add a Middle East/North Africa category to the 2020 census form as part of major changes being considered to questions about race and ethnicity, Pew reported.

Arabic speaking at home has surged by 29 percent between 2010 and 2014 among those 5 years-old and older. That means there are roughly 1.1 million Arabic speakers, which ranks the language as the seventh most spoken in the U.S., the website reported.