Can You Guess Who Will Never Be Donald Trump’s VP Pick?




At least one candidate said he will never team up with Donald Trump – no way. John Kasich, the adult and son of a mailman, will never team up with Donald Trump.

He also says he’s going to win the presidency.

He has a good shot at winning Ohio, his home state. He’s tied with Trump but the only path he has to the presidency is a brokered convention which he has said would be “fun”. About 70% of the Republican party members wouldn’t think it’s fun and would bid the party adieu.


It’s highly unlikely Trump would want him.

Kasich’s pro-Kasich Super PAC took $200,000 from the very evil socialist George Soros but Kasich claims to know nothing about it.

Scott Bessent of Soros Fund Management, an investment firm founded by liberal mega-donor George Soros, and Soros’s former chief investment manager, has given more than $202,700 to help John Kasich’s presidential campaign, according to FEC records.

Of that total, $200,000 was given to the pro-Kasich super PAC, New Day for America. Bessent has also given the legal limit of $2,700 to Kasich’s campaign,

The Political Insider says he took a lot more from Soros people.

THIS Major GOP Presidential Candidate Took $588,375 From George Soros!

Maybe, just maybe, he was given the money because he is the most liberal of the GOP candidates running and he will destroy Trump.

When he’s not pretending he’s not establishment, he’s pretending he doesn’t know about this hefty donation.