Candidate Who Won the Night According to One Pollster


Marco Rubio, by Pollster Frank Luntz’ account, edged out Ted Cruz for winner of last night’s debate.

However, the online polls, though not scientific, are putting Trump as the winner and some have Cruz as second place. On Drudge, Paul came in third. Drudge has a more Libertarian audience.

The Time poll had Trump at 43% and no one close behind.

The hill had Trump at 38% and Cruz at 22%, Paul at 16%.

Slate had Trump at 38% with Paul at 24%.

NBC News said Carly won but Trump leads. The Wall Street Journal poll put Rubio as the winner at 29% but the IB Times said there was no clear winner and all did well.

RubioOne of his best moments was when Marco asked why we have stigmatized vocational education. “Welders make more money than philosophers. We need more welders than philosophers”, he said to a roar from the crowd.

“If we do this, we will be able to increase wages for millions of Americans…”

When asked what it was about Marco in one word, the audience said he was, “very eloquent, passionate, young, very articulate, slick, charisma, strong, inspirational, fresh, he’s not my candidate.”

One switched from Jeb Bush because of his energy. Jeb Bush’s campaign is threatening to release information that they claim will destroy Rubio though it sounds like rehashed stories. The Bush campaign did that once two weeks ago and it didn’t go well. Bush said he had no knowledge of it. Will he deny knowledge again?



  1. There is no such thing as a winner of a political debate. There is no way to keep an accurate score. Luntz has already been shown to be a poor evaluator. His assessment of the first debate turned out to be wrong, since all polls after the debate showed Trump’s lead increasing yet Luntz claimed Trump was hurt badly in the debate. Plus he has been shown to have said some vulgar anti-Trump things, indicating bias.

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