Can’t Wait for Obamacare to Generate Its Own ‘Ghost’ Patients


empty doctor's office

Typical British doctor’s office filled to the brim with ghost patients.

Britain’s government healthcare system has enabled ‘ghost patients.’ They have been paying doctors for two million more patients than there are people in Britain and they never even noticed. They found out by accident – though they were warned!

Two million ghost patients cost the British healthcare system – the NHS –  an astounding £450million. There are more patients than there are people in Britain.  That is because the government pays General Practitioners £66.25 per patient on their treatment list. Their government healthcare pays doctors poorly so they found a way around it.

It’s decent pay, especially if you don’t have to see a patient to earn it.

Patients who die or switch practices stay on the patient lists.

Hundreds of family doctors are supporting their practices with phantom patients.

This is what happens when the free market and patient-centered healthcare is replaced with government control.

The British government obviously just kept throwing money into the system without checking why there were two million more patients than there were people.

This came to light after two doctors were arrested for having 3,000 non-existent patients on their list.

They were even warned in 2004 by an audit which found they might be spending as much as £100 million on ghost patients. All the government did in response was tell doctors to cleanse their lists.

Obamacare has the potential for this for a lot of reasons. Expect it.

There is no reason to believe a US government healthcare system will fare any better. Our government agencies are filled with fraud and waste and there is little being done to address it. When Mr. Obama said he would raise money for Obamacare by eliminating fraud and waste, it was only empty rhetoric.

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