Car Crashed Into Protesters in Charlottesville, Three Cars Involved


Violence erupted in Charlottesville earlier on Saturday ahead of a scheduled gathering by white supremacists, white nationalists and alt-right groups at noon to protest the city’s decision to take down a statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee.

Skirmishes were followed by extreme violence.

Violent counter protesters, Antifa and Black Lives Matter, engaged the protesters and they quickly became violent. The communist groups are not being labeled by the media but the right-wing protesters are.

A car careened into about 14 to 16, allegedly, anti-alt-right protesters. Many eyewitnesses said it was deliberate. One person is dead and 19 are injured. Earlier, Virginia State Police spokeswoman Corinne Geller told Fox News that three vehicles had collided in downtown Charlottesville. Geller added that the car seen backing away with a smashed hood in the above video had been located.

The driver who backed away has been located and is being detained. Officials do not know if the crash was intentional. [This is an update to the original article.]


  1. AP is reporting one person has died,19 injured, looks like someone has taken the same tactic of terrorists in Europe, using a vehicle to cause death and mayhem, we will see how MSM reports this, this morning on CNN and MSNBC, all this protesting from the white supremacists, white nationalists and alt-right groups is TRUMPS fault!!!!!!!

  2. Are we sure of the facts as reported by media. Many have made the assumption if was deliberate. Whenever I hear something I am prone to consider the opposite and how that opinion can be played out.

    First of all, if it were deliberate I would assume he wouldn’t be braking. Others say he was going Fast. Well, the one video doesn’t actually correspond to that assumption. I would “guess” that the speed to be around 10 MPH. Considering all this there Can be the assumption the driver wasn’t paying attention. If he happened to be looking around, or back, the crash may have been inadvertent. I had seen the exact thing happen. I was following a person and the driver was looking back through the mirror and when the car ahead stopped, the person in front of me collided with the person in front of them.

    When the video shows the Challenger back up for a good distance that could be attributed to the people rushing his car and a fear of retribution. How many instances have we seen when an accident happens and they are subsequently violently attacked.

    The damage on the front of the Challenger doesn’t necessarily reflect an intentional act. It takes very little speed to do the damage as shown. I even heard one person state the bumper was reinforced. Anyone that knows even a little about modern bumpers realize what is seen is the bumper frame that the rubber bumper mounts to. Others have said there was no license plate, which is also false, as pictures reveal the plate.

    Then again, since we know nothing, it Could be a racist that wanted to attack Antifa types as they were the marchers in that street.

  3. I failed to see in the video any brake lights, the person driving the car HAD to have seen the numerous people in the street ahead, as far as ohio plates, people come from far away to partake in crap like this, I believe this was deliberate, reports say the cops got the person, we shall see,

  4. Some sites are reporting the car has Ohio plates but the person lives in Michigan and is an anti-Trump leftist. If the person was from out of town and heard of a white-supremacist rally, could he have run over the Wrong people.

  5. The still picture doesn’t even show the car that was smashed into,all you see are people running, if the car was going 10-20 miles an hour it could have stopped before hitting 20 people and smashing in to the rearend of another car, looking at the front end damage of the dodge and rearend damage of the other car, 20 people hit, this was deliberate, or the driver was super drunk, or higher than s@#T on something, we shall see!!!!

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