Car Plows Into Pedestrians In London at High Speed


Another so-called ‘lone wolf’ deliberately plowed down pedestrians in front of the National History Museum in London Saturday, according to police. When police tried to stop him, it is believed he stepped on the gas. The attacker is now in custody.

There are multiple people injured.

London terrorist captured

The police say they don’t think it’s terror related but have not explained why they feel that way.

We don’t know if this attacker is a radical Islamist yet, but there have been twelve terror attacks in London in six months. Three days ago a teenager ran around throwing acid in peoples’ faces and in another incident, a man was running around stabbing people.

The mayor of London is the one who wants to “educated Trump”. Mayor Khan also said Londoners will have to get used to terror attacks but later elaborated to get himself out of hot water over that statement.

There are 3,000 suspected terrorists living in London another 23,000 in the UK who could harm Brits, according to Nigel Farage talking with Neil Cavuto this morning by phone. In the next 20 to 30 years, London will be a Muslim majority city.

A big march against terrorism is expected in London.


  1. I just happened to take a look at Sky News and What?, the person being arrested while laying on the ground has his image blurred. Earlier I saw a clip of the arrest and it’s a black man. I could understand blurring a victim’s identity but I can see no reason for the suspect to be blurred. This is from Sky pcNews.

  2. No connection to terrorism … well, of course. NOTHING is Islam, nothing is Muslims, nothing is terrorism. And … wait for it … Londoners will be warned to not be angry at Muslims! ‘Watch out for Islamophobia!” … rather than, Keep you eyes and ears open for Muslims, because they are everywhere, and they are instructed by the Koran and all the imams to kills non-believers …

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