Cardinal Dolan Doesn’t Need the Empire State Building

60th Anniversary of the Peoples' Republic of China


On October 1, 2009, the Empire State building was lit up in honor of the 60th anniversary of the violent communist regime, the Peoples’ Republic of China. The Republic is infamous for human rights abuses. The owners of the building are the Malkin family who are extremely successful real estate entrepreneurs.

They were asked to light the building in honor of Mother Theresa but refused on the grounds that she was religious. They did light it for the Reverend Martin Luther King who was also religious.

Catholics perform great works of charity through Catholic Charities, the Catholic Hospital Network, and so many other organizations that accept and help everyone, regardless of faith.

Recently the Malkins were asked to light the Empire State Building for the new Cardinal of New York, Timothy Dolan. The answer was a flat out “No” because he is religious.

It is so much better for the Malkins to stand up for communists who care nothing of human rights.

Interestingly, the Malkin family are serious Democrats. Peter and his son Anthony with other family members achieved sole ownership of Empire State Realty in 2002.

Some examples of recent donations by Malkin Properties include:

They are going public with Empire State Realty (a $1 billion IPO) and they are being underwritten by Goldman Sachs (second largest donor to Barack Obama) and Bank of American Merrill Lynch.

As it turns out, Cardinal Dolan didn’t need the commie-friendly Malkins because One World Trade Center lit up in honor of the Cardinal and it was a far more impressive sight.

One World Trade Center Honors Cardinal Timothy Dolan

I mention the Malkin family’s affinity for all things Democrat because the President is now embroiled in a freedom of religion debate over a healthcare mandate to force religious hospitals, universities, etc. to give free contraceptives/abortifacients to their employees in violation of their religious views and conscience. Cardinal Dolan is an outspoken critic of the mandate. The Democrats are trying to make the issue about women’s health, which is nothing more than a straw man.

Personally, I think not lighting the Empire State Building for Cardinal Dolan was more about politics for the commie-loving Malkins.