Carly Fiorina on ISIS, Hillary and Encryption – Worth Watching


Carly Fiorina

Carly began by calling Trump out for his comments about the wars and then proceeded to attack Hillary.

Carly in this next segment talks about the importance of having a commander in chief who has made executive decisions. She said we must bring back the warrior class. Her last comment was to quote Margaret Thatcher, “If you want something talked about, ask a man, if you want something done, ask a woman.”

Carly Florina was very good on encryption and Silicon Valley. She analyzed why we missed the terrorists. It was because we used the wrong algorithms, she said. The bureaucratic processes are woefully inadequate and explained why.

She said that the private sector would help but the government hasn’t asked. The government is “incompetent, unresponsive, corrupt…and that incompetence is now dangerous.”

Silicon Valley has NOT BEEN ASKED and that is why it cost a billion dollars to build an Obamacare website that failed – because the private sector wasn’t asked.


  1. She was my forerunner. I think pitting her against Hillary would be very formidable. However, once she pulled out the gender card with the Thatcher quote, she lost my vote. As a man, I don’t want a candidate who uses belittling remarks towards the opposite sex.

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