Carney Lied About HR 3541 Forcing Abortionists to Determine If the Motivation Was Sex-Selection


Jake Tapper asked Jay Carney how the President could be against gender discrimination but allow gender-based abortion? Jay Carney then proceeded to lie about the bill. He LIED!

He said that it would force abortionists into the position of trying to determine the “motivations” behind a “very personal decision.”

It is so personal when you murder someone because they are a girl or a boy.

The bill – The Prenatal Gender Selection Act, H.R. 3541 does no such thing. It puts no onus of discovery on the doctor whatsoever, NONE. It only applies if the doctor does it knowingly from some obvious means of determination. Personally, I think the woman should be held accountable as well.

Four Devil Pinocchios for an unforgivable lie.

People need to understand that Michelle Obama has been outspoken in her support for partial-birth abortions and Barack Obama has stood on the Illinois State Senate floor arguing and winning the case for post-birth abortion as long as the original intent was to abort the baby.

Where are we headed now? We just approved gender-based abortions and late term abortions by banning this bill.

We are moving into the Chinese human rights category. We murder little girls, or sometimes little boys, because we want our baby to be the opposite gender. That is morally wrong.

I am not opposed to Roe vs. Wade as it was originally written but I am against late term, partial birth and post birth abortions. In order to kill by gender, the baby must of necessity be five months along.

I don’t want to leave out the truly weird Sheila Jackson Lee who said the bill would lead us back to abortions with coat hangers. Really? Not murdering babies by gender goes right to coat hangers?

Consider what this woman is saying, she “feels” like this is what we are doing, which of course has no basis in reality –

“I think the next act will be dragging women out of patient rooms into the streets and screaming over their bodies as they get dragged out of getting access to women’s health care,” she said. “That’s what I feel like is occurring today with the legislation that is on the floor. Thomas, first of all, there is bipartisan and unilateral and unanimous support that we should not have agenda-based abortions for the sake of getting one gender over another. That’s a human, humane and humanitarian issue that none of us quarrel with.”

This fool of a woman thinks it’s a Draconian invasion of privacy when the only thing Draconian is murder by gender.

“This bill is a direct intrusion into the relationship between patient and physician. We realize that there is a suggestion that cultures around the world do this, but in order to change those cultures, this legislation will not work,” she said. “What you really need is an affirmation of the value of women, and today PRENDA [Prenatal Non-discrimation Act] is an affirmation of the devaluing of woman because what it does is demonizes the physician and the woman, particularly here in the United States.”

“And it suggests, it puts on them the idea that they’re going go in and have an abortion for a dastardly reason other than the choice and the personal need and the faith conversation and medical needs of that particular patient. This is a Draconian, drastic initiative and, frankly, it should go down today.”

“But I cannot find in anyway this bill any legitimacy by criminalizing, incarcerating doctors,” she added. “We’re going back to the days of coat hangers. That’s what they want to do — they want to criminalize doctors because what that says is how do you know that a doctor is engaged in helping a woman abort because of the particular gender of the fetus?”

She’s a liar to boot!