Caroline Kennedy Bans the Press From Her Swearing In Ceremony


Caroline Kennedy Ambassador to Japan

The Sentinel was able to snap a photo of Caroline Kennedy being sworn in and all we can say is no wonder she wanted to keep the ceremony quiet.

We know that President Obama, the transparent president, does not allow AP photographers to take photos of him. (The AP is the news service he spies on) But, did you know that his new Ambassador to Japan, Caroline Kennedy, was sworn in at the State Department last Tuesday in secret?

The press was not allowed to watch her being sworn in by Secretary of State John Kerry. They released still pictures after the fact.

These people are control freaks, but that’s no surprise.

The State Department, and probably Caroline Kennedy, decided which pictures we the people are allowed to see.

When Kennedy made her remarks to the press at the reception, the press was not allowed to ask questions.

She chose to be in the public eye but we will only be allowed to see what she allows us to see.

She needs to resign. I don’t want her going to Japan as my rep, but she is a big Obama bundler, and like so many other Ambassadors appointed by Obama, the ambassadorship is payback. Full story at Gretawire.

She’s not very transparent, ya know?