Caroline Kennedy Will Be Ambassador to Japan, Ya Know


Caroline Kennedy Ambassador to Japan

Everyone is talking about Anthony Weiner and Elliot Spitzer, but what about that other New Yorker who was infamous for a while – Caroline Kennedy?

When news of her scandalous affair with another man – not her husband – came out a few years back, Caroline Kennedy was running for the Senate here in New York. Kennedy also allegedly owed back taxes, complicating matters. She would have fit in fine in New York, but she had to withdraw from the Senate race because the embarrassing revelations were proving to be more embarrassing by the day.

Some believed that Paterson was not going to choose her for Mrs. Clinton’s vacated seat.

There were a number of reasons tried out in the media as to why she was withdrawing. It was a tax problem, a nanny problem, and personal reasons. One reason given was her Uncle Teddy’s illness, which wasn’t that advanced at the time. It caused more embarrassment for her and she then said it was not the reason.

It was believed that Paterson’s staff leaked the information about her questionable background. The Kennedys were super angry about this and one said Paterson would pay.

Shortly after, an Ethics panel met on Paterson, a move aimed to completely derail his campaign for Governor (he was appointed as Governor when Spitzer was forced to leave for employing prostitutes). It did derail his campaign and the ethics charges were later dropped.

Now Kennedy will be Ambassador to Japan, as soon as her nomination is rubber stamped by the Senate. She is yet another Obama donor who, it appears, is being paid back for services rendered. Obama has been doling out Ambassadorships to his donors as part of his play-for-pay approach to campaigning and ruling the underclasses. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION

Caroline Kennedy is a Catholic who believes in aborting babies, I mean fetuses, up until the moment of birth, and is proud to be a Catholic. The Catholic church forbids abortion.

Kennedy gave the following interview during her candidacy for Senator from New York. I cut it short and left out some of the 46 ‘ya knows.’ Her inability to speak also helped kill her candidacy.