Carter Echoed Obama’s Strategy Well: ‘It Was Unfocused, Rambling, Confused, and Ineffectual’



Ashton Carter described Obama’s ISIS strategy when the question was put to him at today’s confirmation hearings. It’s very funny.


Lt. Col. Ralph Peters was asked how he thought Ashton Carter did when he described Barack Obama’s war strategy. “It reflected Obama’s strategy very well,” he said. “It was unfocused, rambling, confused and ineffectual”

Peters criticized the administration for not calling the problem what it is. “This administration can’t say the word ‘kill'”, Peters said.

When General Mike Flynn told Barack Obama the truth about radical Islam, he was fired from the DIA. There is a brief clip in the next video with General Flynn calling radical Islam by its name. One can clearly see why Barack would fired him given his honesty on the issue.

Peters wasn’t being critical of Carter. He believes there is hope for him.


The strategy can’t be described, Peters explained, because the president doesn’t have one.

Peters said he’s tired of hearing the president and all the president’s men saying the Islamic State is a ‘bankrupt ideology’, it’s “bankrupt”.

“Hey, this franchise is expanding really, really fast. It ain’t bankrupt. We’re bankrupt of courage, ideas and determination and will and vision, “he said.

The brutal killing of the Jordanian pilot is being described as a turning point by the media and Lt.Col. Peters is disgusted with that ‘hogwash’ too.

He does not believe it is a turning point for ISIS. Maybe it is for the king of Jordan whose monarchy is tenuous but ISIS has the ‘strength of will to win’ and ‘we don’t,’ he warned.