Castro Brothers Will Rule Venezuela

Castro Brothers Rule Venezuela?
Castro Brothers Rule Venezuela?

Former Ambassador Reich said that the Castro Brothers have been ruling Venezuela and they will continue to rule after Hugo Chavez dies.

via Newsmax

Former U.S. Ambassador to Venezuela Otto Reich tells Newsmax that whoever replaces ailing Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is “not going to be good for the United States” — which has seen its influence in Latin America drop to an all-time low under President Obama.

Reich also asserts that Cuba’s Castro brothers have been running Venezuela through “puppet” Chavez in recent years, and Cuban control of the country is likely to continue following Chavez’s death.

In the following video, President Maduro said it would be no problem to swear Chavez in after he recovers from cancer surgery [he will not recover and will never leave the Cuban hospital]. This is a violation of the Venezuelan Constitution. As it turns out, the Constitution was violated today and the Venezuelan Supreme Court ruled that Chavez’ inauguration can be postponed. [France24]

Chuck Hagel would probably work to lift the Cuban Embargo and attempt to have a cozy relationship with these devout Communist dictators. Great…

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Hagel first wrote to President Clinton in 1999 after Clinton announced he was loosening restrictions on humanitarian aid and travel to Cuba, calling it a “good first step.” But Hagel added “he should have done more.”

When calling for a bipartisan commission to review the U.S. policy toward Cuba, Hagel called it “outdated and ineffective, and not relevant for the next century.”