Long Island Sound Bites

Long Island’s ‘Welcoming America’ Counties Where No Illegal Has to Assimilate But Citizens Must Adapt

Welcoming cities

Nassau and Suffolk once led the way in illegal immigration deportations. Thousands were deported in a two-year time frame. We no longer deport and Andrew Cuomo, our dictatorial but not-bright governor, declared New York a sanctuary state. We no longer deport and we have Sheriffs who cooperate. Newsday reported on a recent study that found the immigrant population…

Feds Threaten Force Against Districts Over Massive Opt-Out in New York

common core

There are 124 public school districts on Long Island, and out 101 reporting in,  64,785 of 148,564 children in grades 3-8 opted out of the state English Language Arts test. That’s 43.6% of the the students so far on Long Island alone. Federal officials are looking to discredited test-or-punish schemes as a solution instead of listening to parents…

One Great Immigrant Kid

Harold Ekeh

Harold Ekeh came over from Nigeria at age 8. He worked hard, donated his time, gave back to the community. His efforts were rewarded. He is not only graduating with a 100.5% average, he has been accepted into all eight Ivy League schools. He is from Elmont Long Island. His goal is to become a neurosurgeon.…