Strange Things to Know

Most Popular Mayor in the Country Walks on Four Feet


The most popular mayor of Cormorant, Minnesota won his third term in a landslide election. He happens to be a nine-year old Great Pyrenees named Duke and he’s held office since 2014. No surprises there! He has done “great things for the community” and no one is willing to run against him, at least one…

Watch Bill Clinton Snatch a Balloon from a Little Girl

Clinton balloon

During the celebrations Thursday night, a little girl reached for a balloon being bounced about by Bill Clinton but he snatched it away instead of giving it to her. She thought he was a kindly old guy but he’s more like Scrooge before the three nightmares of course. Bill is poor and needed the balloon…oh…wait…that…

New Hillary Clinton Ringtone You Can’t Resist

hillary screaming

by Director Blue The 15-Second mp3 THAT CAN DESTROY HILLARY’S CAMPAIGN: I suggest using it as a ringtone Talk about sounding like a dictator. In all seriousness, if enough people distribute this little gem, you can count on a Trump presidency from the voice factor alone. CLICK HERE TO PLAY (OR RIGHT-CLICK TO DOWNLOAD).

Obama’ Photo of the Week

obama ho chi minh

President Obama is very cautious about his presidential image.While on a visit to Vietnam, Obama allowed photo-ops with the president of Vietnam in front of a huge bust of Ho Chi Minh. In April, 2009, Georgetown University hid a religious inscription representing the name of Jesus during President Obama’s address, confirmed, because White House staff…

Hillary Clinton Yells About Yelling


The Washington Free Beacon posted this and we’d like to share it with you. Hillary Clinton yelled at a Los Angeles rally on Thursday that we really need to stop yelling at each other in this country. “I also think we’d be a lot better off if we actually talk to each other instead of yelling…

18 of the Best Holiday Gifts EVER!

mao tse tung

Every holiday season, people are looking for those last minute, creative gifts to bring to the holiday party so we thought we would help you out with some ideas. Buy any of these and you will be a big hit. You don’t have to thank us. 1.No flush toilet bowl coffee mug. 2. Nobama countdown…

University of Tennessee Faculty Bigots Want to Abolish Christmas

Chancellor Jimmy Cheek

The University of Tennessee at Knoxville recently issued guidelines for employees to ensure their holiday party isn’t a Christmas party in disguise. Public officials are looking into this and demanding action. Abolishing Christmas doesn’t make a place more inclusive, it excludes the majority of Americans. Inclusive would be a holiday party that also recognizes other…