The State of New York

We Need King Kong to Finish the Job

Empire State Building lit up for Ramadan

If anyone came between Fay Ray and King Kong, it would have been curtains for the Empire State Building. Maybe we need to bring him in to finish the building off. It’s not the iconic symbol it once was. The Empire State Building was lit up in celebration of the Muslim “holiday” of Eid al-Fitr,…

Mayor Bill de Blasio Has a Plan to Keep Felons on the Streets


Leftist City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito announced in April that she wanted to bail out low-level criminals accused of misdemeanors and she wants to use taxpayer money to do it! She plans to proceed with the $1.4 million dollar taxpayer-funded bail fund. There is no longer any need, however, because the far, far, far-left mayor, Bill de…

Long Island’s ‘Welcoming America’ Counties Where No Illegal Has to Assimilate But Citizens Must Adapt

Welcoming cities

Nassau and Suffolk once led the way in illegal immigration deportations. Thousands were deported in a two-year time frame. We no longer deport and Andrew Cuomo, our dictatorial but not-bright governor, declared New York a sanctuary state. We no longer deport and we have Sheriffs who cooperate. Newsday reported on a recent study that found the immigrant population…