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ISIS Rampages On: 45,000 Syrian Kurds Flee to Turkey in 24 Hours


In the last two days, ISIS has seized control of 60 Kurdish villages near the Turkish border sending 45,000 Syrian Kurds into Turkey. Turkey has opened their borders according to the deputy prime minister Numan Kurtulumus. ISIS is approaching Kobane in Aleppo. It’s Syria’s third-largest Kurdish town. It gives ISIS control of a long stretch…

Ukraine President’s Pleas for Help Fall on Obama’s Deaf Ear

Porto Poroshenko

Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko made an impassioned plea for help from the United States and the other Western powers to save Ukraine from a Russian takeover. His plea came in the form of an address given in English to Congress Thursday, September 18th. An unmoved Mr. Obama will provide nothing. Watch: Who’s next? Brighton Beach?

Wahhabi Cleric Explains How to Enjoy Beheading

evil cleric

ISIS follows Wahhabism except the part about following the king of Saudi Arabia as the one true monarch which is the reason I am posting this video clip. We need to understand the enemy. Be forewarned, the following video is a Wahhabi cleric explaining how to behead a person – it’s beyond horrifying. He tells…

Pope Francis Says a Piecemeal WW III Has Begun

Pope Francis

Pope Francis used a ceremony to mark the outbreak of World War I 100 years ago to warn about a kind of “third war” being fought today. Pope Francis on Saturday morning celebrated Mass at the Italian Military Memorial of Redipuglia. The visit to the area, which was the scene of fighting between Italy and…

Germany’s Mess Is Our Future, Shariah Police and All


Germany is undergoing an unmanageable surge in “refugees”, many from Syria and Iraq. The Germans cannot afford to take them all in and they are quickly losing their identity as a nation because of the influx. This is what Mr. Obama has in store for the United States. Obama is allowing an endless stream of illegals he likes to…

Russian Invasion Won’t Interfere With Obama’s Holiday Fundraising

our own King Louis

Mr. Obama is off for a whirlwind of fundraising jaunts throughout New York, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts on this holiday weekend. A little thing like a Russian invasion and seizure of another country’s sovereign territory has fortunately not put a damper on it. He is simply pretending there is no invasion. Russia has invaded Ukraine and they…

IS(IS) Jayvees Commit More Atrocities

IS captures to kill

Obama’s JV team has been crucifying and beheading Syrian Christians, Muslims, Iraqi Christians, Yazidis, and Assad forces. They posted photos yesterday of hundreds of Assad soldiers they claimed to have slaughtered after humiliating them. They capture them to kill them. IS is threatening an attack in Austria in the heart of Europe. One commenter on the video…

ISIS Infiltrates Jordan


ISIS has said they will conquer Jordan and behead the king. Jordan is under grave threat. It appears that ISIS might already have a foothold in the nation.  Meanwhile, Tripoli is under the control of Islamist militias, fighting still continues in Benghazi, Egypt and the UAE carried out some bombings of Libya on their own, and Obama golfs. Walid…

Boko Haram Cooks, Shoots, Chops Up 1000 Christians


by Harvey Miller and Sara Noble It does not matter to you because the victims are far away. It does not matter to you because the victims are foreigners. It does not matter to you because the victims are Black. It should matter to you because you are the same to these Islamists. It should…