CBS Bashes President Over Tax Reform Based on Word of “Friends” at Another Table


President Trump is spending the Christmas holiday with his family in Florida. According to CBS News, he reportedly told friends at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, “You all just got a lot richer.”

If he even said it, he wasn’t simply referring to tax reform, he was talking about this tax cut’s intent – to launch a booming economy that will make us all better off financially.

CBS’s source is worse than usual. They are not only using anonymous sources, but they are using people who said they are Trump’s friends who were sitting at another table. With friends like this…

This is a news report?

They quoted the neverTrumper NY Times author Thomas Edsall. “The rush to enact the tax bill was designed to mask — as a break for the middle class — what is, in fact, a $1.4 trillion package of benefits for key donors and lobbyists, the richest members of Congress, President Trump, his family and other families like his,” writes Thomas Edsall in a New York Times opinion piece.

The fact is the GOP had to rush it before the Alabama Democrat took his seat and before the year ended without major legislation.

President Trump’s tax reform helps most of the nation. Many who do well financially will get tax cuts. The left doesn’t approve of that, but tells us why successful people who work hard shouldn’t get tax cuts when it’s their money? Also, why do most of the federal taxes get paid for by the rich?

The tax reform bill is actually progressive but the Middle Class gets the largest advantage.

Chris Edwards at CATO Institute analyzed the bill and proved it’s a Middle Class tax cut though still a Progressive system.

CBS wrote: …according to the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center, 80 percent of Americans will pay less in taxes next year, and less than 5 percent will see their taxes go up less than $10. CBS News had a tax professional assess the taxes of three families, and found they will all go down under the new law.

Why is that a problem? CBS is terrified some of the rich will also gain under the plan. The Democrats in general don’t approve of tax cuts, just enormous increases.

CBS found that people in different parts of the country with very different incomes received a tax cut. It must have driven CBS a little crazy to post this next report.

But, we all know, the Democrat motto is “Read My Lips, No More Tax Cuts”. The last time they suggested a tax cut was during the Kennedy era.


  1. MSM are all propaganda arms of the left, and that is all. They are communists, and America-haters, and will report only lies and fiction that they hope leads to the destruction of freedom and America.

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