Celebrities Cared About the Chibok Girls for Five Minutes



Where is she now?

The celebrities in Hollywood, in congress and elsewhere who quickly condemn anyone who isn’t liberal as heartless showed their caring and dedication over the kidnapped girls of Chibok, Nigeria. They started a Twitter war that went nowhere, even with the hashtags.

They are now long gone – the news cycle is over and so is their concern.

It’s odd that they even cared at all but the fact that the girls are black might have influenced them. It’s part of their faux concern for black people.


Where is he now?

Since the little girls were stolen by the ruthless terrorists Boko Haram, more have been taken, twenty just last week, but it’s out of the news and the chances of getting anyone to do anything is somewhere between slim and none.


Where are they now?

Boko Haram is seizing territory and killing Christians and opposing Muslims as they purge the lands of all but their vile members and the people they’ve captured for their slave trade.

The Wall Street Journal reported: “On Sunday, Boko Haram burned down a village called Kwaraglum near Chibok, the town where girls were abducted from their boarding school in April, said a local vigilante stationed nearby. That same day, they also struck another nearby town, Ndagu, said Simon Jasini, whose older brother was among 10 people killed in the raid. The group is suspected of a bombing on Tuesday that killed 14 people watching the World Cup in the city of Damaturu, said a resident who accompanied state officials to the hospital.”

They are no less evil than ISIS but Hollywood and the media have forgotten them and their victims.

Boko Haram is establishing a caliphate in the NE of Nigeria which they hope to continually expand.


Where did she go?

The US is flying drones over the area, gaining intelligence, which the Nigerian military promises to use to push back Boko Haram. The military said they have the will and the manpower but not the intelligence information they need. Unfortunately, intelligence gathering can take months.

The Defense Department is searching for the girls day and night. There is assistance from the UK and China.

People of Chibok sleep in the hills behind the rocks because Boko Haram can come back any time and kill them all.

“If anything is not done by the world,” said one Chibok man, “they will just come and capture the place.”


Nancy Pelosi, so involved with the faux war on women, gave a statement to show her deep concern and then she was off and disengaged.

The Twitter war has dwindled and the Facebook action page is only a few posts long. The movie stars and congressmen and women are long gone. In early June, Nigerian police banned “Bring Back Our Girls” protests from the capital of Abuja, saying they have “degenerated” and are “now posing a serious security threat.” Two of the protest leaders were jailed. They were easy pickings since no one is watching and so few care.

Chibok girls