Census Counting Illegals Will Change the Representation in Congress


It is the duty of the patriot to protect his country from its government.

 ~ Thomas Paine

This next abomination is just in time for the 2012 Presidential election and this is only one of many methods being used by the Obama administration to steal the election.

Obama Administration “Rigging” U.S. Census by Counting Illegal Aliens.

By Chuck Baldwin

January 20, 2012 NewsWithViews.com

Louisiana, Missouri, Montana, North Carolina, And Ohio To Lose Congressional Seats

The Barack Obama administration is quietly in the process of rigging use of the US Census of 2010, which deliberately counted millions of illegal aliens, for the purpose of restructuring the apportionment of the US House of Representatives. Accordingly, as candidates for Governor and Lieutenant Governor of one of the negatively affected states (Montana), Mr. Bob Fanning and I have joined with several others in becoming amici curiae in a pending federal lawsuit brought by the State of Louisiana against the US Secretary of Commerce, et al., which was filed January, 13, 2012 in the United States Supreme Court.

What has happened is, the US Census Bureau erroneously claims that it “‘is required by the U.S. Constitution count everyone living in this country, regardless of immigration or citizenship status.’” Accordingly, they have counted millions of illegal aliens in the 2010 Census and are using those figures to apportion the US House of Representatives. If this egregious misinterpretation of the US Constitution is allowed to stand, five states (Louisiana, Missouri, Montana, North Carolina, and Ohio) will lose representation in the US Congress to which they are lawfully entitled, while three states (California, Texas, and Florida) will be awarded additional representation in the US Congress to which they are not lawfully entitled. And, of course, this will also directly impact the makeup of the Electoral College, which ultimately elects the President of the United States…Read more: NewsWithViews