Charges Filed Against Possible Antifa Professor at Diablo Valley College

Professor Eric Clanton

Eric Clinton, the philosophy professor who is alleged to have slammed a pro-Trump protestor with a bike lock while the victim was trying to quell the mobs might have been arrested. He is also believed to have flung the lock at least 15 times during the event and at another event.

None of the major networks or newspapers have mentioned the violence allegedly perpetrated by this Diablo Valley College professor.

The media portrays Antifa as a protest group and draws equivalence between the violent Antifa and Trump protesters who are non-violent.

The professor might have been unmasked by bloggers. The evidence is compelling but circumstantial.

Outraged accusers have vandalized the 28-year-old’s profile on, and at least one claims to have hacked Clanton’s profile and made purchases under his name, Got News reported.

Clanton’s Facebook and Twitter pages appear to have been deleted in the wake of his coming under suspicion. Early this morning, San Francisco State University deleted an alumnus page for Clanton, and tells that “Eric Clanton is not an employee of the University.”

He might have been arrested.

The victim, Sean Stiles, filed charges against the professor.

The photos that might nail him.

The anarcho-communist professor has been teaching his students to become violent protesters as well.

Last summer, Clanton contributed to the left-leaning publication Counterpunch, where he defended Mumia Abu-Jamal, who was convicted of murdering a Philadelphia police officer 30 years ago.

In a March 2016 college lecture at Fort Lewis College, a taxpayer-funded institution, Professor Clanton defended theft to students—deeming property law “problematic,” further elaborating that shoplifting may be a political act. Like many in the larger antifascist community, Clanton supports “restorative justice,” which burdens victims of crimes as well as their families.

Clanton’s account with Web discovery engine StumbleUpon documents the feminist academic’s interests in illicit drug markets, dreary regurgitation of John Oliver talking points by current Vox Media staff, the works of anarchist Emma Goldman; as well as indulgence of controlled demolition 9/11 theories.

Be careful where you send your children to college and check out their professors. You might want to reconsider boarding them.


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