Charles Payne: Obama’s Politicized Speech Ignores What Is Reality for Blacks


Chas Payne

During the Selma march this past Sunday, Barack Obama politicized the speech and made it about, among other things, voting rights for Blacks. Charles Payne reacted on Fox & Friends to the comments.

President Obama said laws are designed to make it harder for Blacks to vote but is that true when percentage-wise more Blacks vote than whites? Payne said if that’s true, they’re not doing a very good job of it. He added that voter IDs are perfectly reasonable.

To use a day that honors fifty years of progress and imply not much has improved is disingenuous, Payne said.

The black unemployment rate is 10.4% and it’s a tragedy. Another tragedy is the fact that 44.7% of black males are not graduating high school and single moms are raising these children alone.

As other populations rise, there won’t be these natural voting alliances. As interests change, Asians, Hispanics and Blacks won’t all be voting as one block. The way out of poverty won’t necessarily be the ballot box, but individual effort in a knowledge-based economy and Barack Obama needs to be honest with himself and with Black people.