Check Out the Bleak Future of the Internet Under SOPA & PIPA


SOPA and PIPA must be stopped. They will destroy the Internet as we know it and sites such as mine will be gone in a flash.

PIPA will be voted on January 24th. We need to ask President Obama to veto this bill or the Internet will no longer be free. Click here for information on SOPA and PIPA.

Business Insider has one good example of the horror these bills will unleash.

Joshua Metzger was the lawyer for Veoh, a highly successful competitor to You tube that was sued into oblivion by a record label even though Veoh won the suit.

Universal Music Group sued Veoh. Between Universal Music Groups thuggish tactics and the costs of the trial, it became impossible for Veoh to survive even though they were right and they won the suit. The Music Group not only sued the company but they sued the individuals on the board as well.

There is a law governing piracy, The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) has existed for ten years and it’s been well-defined by the courts. Now Hollywood wants more. The new laws, which cater to Hollywood, are so broad and litigation-friendly that new companies will be afraid to spend millions on startups.

Veoh had $70 million in backing and instead of innovating, they had to spend their millions on defense.

If the situation is this bad now, can you imagine how much worse it will get with these new laws which completely open up copyright law to suits based on the remotest of links. It also bans streaming.

Click here to contact President Obama & tell him to veto PIPA & SOPA