Check Out the Worthless Ten Minute O’Reilly Interview of Barack Obama



Barack Obama as Jim Carrey in LiarLiar

EDITOR’S NOTE: Another twelve-minute interview will be aired on The O’Reilly Factor this evening.

Bill O’Reilly, a Fox News host, interviewed Barack Obama Sunday for a little over ten minutes. I listened to it and summarized it so you won’t have to.

It started out with O’Reilly asking an open-ended question about the website “glitches”, giving Obama a platform to say it was fixed in a month-and-a-half. He extolled the alleged virtues of Obamacare – youth staying on their parents’ healthcare until they are 26. He said three million have signed up for Obamacare and six million for Medicaid. He said he wants to make sure people who didn’t have health insurance now do.

O’Reilly said his [Obama’s] cause was noble.

O’Reilly said he is concerned about people being held accountable, suggesting he fire Sebelius, but Obama said they are midstream in the process.

O’Reilly asked if his “biggest mistake” was saying “if you like your health insurance, you can keep your health insurance.” Obama said he thought those who lost insurance would be grandfathered in. He’s not looking back, he’s looking ahead. Obama’s tone was “mocking.”

O’Reilly said General Ham told Panetta it was a terror attack the night of the attack and he asked if Ham told him [Obama]. Obama evaded the question and said he knew it was an attack but in the heat of the moment, you concentrate on what is happening on the ground. Obama said Ham did not tell him it was a terror attack and they didn’t know who was doing it. Obama was condescending.

When asked about what Susan Rice knew and what they all knew about the video, he again deflected the question and said they knew something very dangerous was happening. They were concerned about doing everything they could to protect people. He emphasized the confusion as events unfolded. Obama rambled about protecting people.

Of course he wouldn’t hide the facts about Benghazi because of the upcoming election and the reason people believe that he would is because people like O’Reilly are telling them that.

On the subject of the IRS, O’Reilly asked why Director Shulman visited the White House more than 157 times. Obama said what he said before – Shulman was working on ObamaCare. Obama said Shulman was also making certain that all financial reforms were in place so there’d be no bailouts in the future. (Huh?) Obama doesn’t recall personally meeting with Shulman at all.

In response to questions about the IRS in Cincinnati, Obama said they still don’t know what happened, they do know what happened, there have been multiple hearings on this, but stations like Fox spread misinformation. There was no corruption, not a “smidgeon”, Obama said, just “boneheaded decisions”. The 501 (c) laws are confusing, Obama stated.

O’Reilly read a letter from a woman in Fresno who asked Obama why he felt the need to fundamentally transform the nation. He said he doesn’t believe he has to “fundamentally transform the nation” but he wants people who work hard to have a good education, benefits, scholarships like O’Reilly and he himself. He wants to do everything possible to expand the middle class and he wants “fairness”, which for him is social justice and redistribution.

O’Reilly told Obama his “heart is in the right place” and then asked him for his Super Bowl predictions. Obama doesn’t know who will win the Super Bowl which is no surprise because he doesn’t know anything.

When Obama was confronted with a question he didn’t want to answer, he resorted to his usual Alinsky tactics of ridicule and sarcasm, attempting to demean O’Reilly so his questions would be rendered ineffective.