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The EPA has taken sole responsibility for the spillage of millions of gallons of toxic heavy metals into the Animas River which flows into the San Juan River. The poisons have now reached the San Juan River and are heading for the Colorado River which supplies water to much of the West.

If you are unfamiliar with the story, you can read about it here and here

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MSNBC is shifting the blame to locals without any basis in fact whatsoever. They are adding incredible insult to incredible injury.

MSNBC distorted the story to the point of saying the EPA had good intentions. Didn’t Exxon have good intentions when they leaked oil in Alaska?

The spokesperson or should I say EPA apologist had the gall to say that the sludge was leaking for a long time and the EPA wanted to make it a SuperFund site to clean it up. The clown who was interviewed tried to say that if they had only allowed the Super cleanup this wouldn’t have happened.

First of all, what difference would that have made? They can’t even do the smaller cleanups obviously. Secondly, making it a SuperFund site means the EPA owns them.

This spokesperson said simply it would give them the money to clean it up. What this person left out is that it puts the area in the nearly-complete control of the EPA.

Locals want more mining and MSNBC can’t understand why anyone would want more mining and less EPA.

Listen to this deceitful, incompetent reportage:

The spill is extremely dangerous. Heavy metals sink to the bottom and stay in the rivers.

The EPA has not given information to anyone. New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez had to find out about the toxic spill from the Southern Ute Indians and was initially given inaccurate information.

It’s still inaccurate. Three days ago they admitted to 3 million gallons of spillage but it’s still leaking at the rate of 720,000 gallons a day, according to the most recent reports.

The EPA doesn’t know or is refusing to say what metals are in the water or much of anything else. Imagine if a private company did this?

Governor Martinez thinks the spill was caused when the EPA didn’t plug a leak but most reports say it was improperly pumped because the EPA workers didn’t go into the mine to do their jobs.

Listen to New Mexico’s Governor Susana Martinez and you tell me if MSNNC is anywhere near accurate in their reporting.

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