Chemical Weapons Threat from ISIS Could Easily Hit Disney World, Malls, the Academy Awards



House Homeland Security Chair Michael McCaul warns in a new book that it would be easy to hit Disney World, The Academy Awards, and malls with biological attacks.

In Failures of Imagination: The Deadliest Threats to Our Homeland–and How to Thwart Them, Texas Rep. Michael McCaul outlines nightmare scenarios of attacks against the United States, and even outlines a possible Russian invasion of Eastern Europe in two years.

He lays out possible nightmare scenarios with one of the most chilling an attack on Disney where 1,000 could die.

McCaul believes there is a failure of imagination in America, the same failure that led us to ignore the 9/11 threat.

Fox News chief intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge appearing this morning on America’s Newsroom brought out new details about ISIS’ active pursuit of chemical weapons.

Several ground sources report that “there is growing evidence that ISIS is experimenting with chemical agents,” she said, “with the goal of understanding how it works, and then exporting this so-called recipe outside of the region.”

Fox News has also obtained photographs taken by the Kurds, which they claim are evidence of the use of chemical agents.

The AP has posted a similar report.



  1. Yesterday I started to cry out of nowhere and I found myself on the floor crying because I imagined Disney Walt getting attack with bombs ..

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