Chen Guangcheng, Abandoned By the United States – A National Disgrace

Chen Guancheng

Update: 4/5: A deal might have been worked out which will allow Chen and his family to come to the United States where he will attend college. Rep. Smith spoke with Chen and was told that Chen was not given vital information by U.S. officials and was urged to leave the Embassy. He said he was disappointed in America. Rep. Smith wants this investigated.

Update: 4/3: If we don’t take Mr. Guangcheng and his family out of China, we are despicable and violating all that we stand for! The U.S is claiming that the deal is unraveling. What deal??? A “promise” from Chinese Communists?

Please listen to the CNN video above.

FT reported that in a phone conversation, Chen Guangcheng said he wants to leave China on the same plane as Hillary Clinton.

CNN reported this morning that Chen is in a hospital with his family and that he did not want to leave the U.S. Embassy. He said he was urged to leave by U.S. officials. The LA Times reports that threats were made against his wife and he was coerced into leaving.

Washington Post is reporting that the deal allegedly worked out by Hillary Clinton for Chen’s safety in China is unraveling.

Original story: 4/2: Chen Guangcheng, the blind Chinese activist, who fled his home for the U.S. Embassy almost a week ago, left the compound for a Beijing hospital where he was reunited with his family.

The U.S. secured “promises” from the Chinese that they would treat Chen humanely and allow him to study in peace. This “promise” is being applauded by the U.S.  It was secured by Hillary Clinton who flew to Beijing to help calm a potential crisis before the election.

Chen has a different perspective according to a fellow dissident who said Chen did not want to leave the Embassy and wants to leave China for the U.S. He was given a message from a Chinese official via a U.S. Embassy official that said his wife would be beaten to death if he did not leave the Embassy.

Beijing is angry because they resent our interference and I say, who cares?

This was our opportunity to stand up for human rights but instead, it looks like we are operating in secrecy and fear. We should be outspoken and vocal about the values our country stands for and those words should be echoing throughout the world that this is who we are.

Instead, we will keep borrowing.

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