Chevy Volt Production Suspended For Five Weeks & 1300 Workers Idled


photo from The Truth About Cars


Production of the Volt in Detroit will be suspended from March 23 – April 19th and the workers laid off because NO ONE WANTS THE CAR. Sales are more than disappointing.

The government increased the incentive to $10,000. Eventually, if they subsidize it enough, people will buy it, but $10,000 won’t do it.

Government Motors says they’re safe and Obama said he will buy one when he leaves office, which is hopefully in November.

President Obama’s Chevy Volt is actually a hybrid and will do most of its driving on a gas engine. It has a $12,000 body in a $48,000 price tag minus the tax credit (our tax money). There’s not much of a heater because it needs to preserve battery power so expect to freeze in the winter. But you will be driving along with GE’s Geoffrey Immelt, who has agreed to purchase half the total produced of the car no one wants.

Get the government out of private business and stop wasting taxpayer money. Read here: Star Press and here: The Atlas Shrugged Car