Chicago, the Home of Al Capone, Lives Up to Its Reputation


A 15 year old boy walking down the street with at least one other person was gunned down and shot multiple times after he was on the ground. The shooters, aged 25-30, jumped into an SUV and escaped.

Thirteen other people were wounded in shoot-outs.

A father murdered his daughter while he was high on PCP and Marijuana as they argued over money. He beat her to death.

And so it went on Friday night in the home of Al Capone.

Read at Chicago Tribune


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  2. Read the story again. It didn’t say the man had actually done anything. All we know is that the person who called it in told a particular story. Wait for the other witnesses to come forward. There must have been other people on the bus or no one could have been alarmed… 🙂

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