Chicago’s Response to Gang Crime Is to Not Answer Some 911 Calls

McCarthy and Emanuel
Garry McCarthy and Rahm Emanuel

Chicago police Superintendent Garry McCarthy wants to free up 911 police so they can handle the rapidly growing violent crime rate in Chicago. Beginning in August, police won’t answer every 911 call.

McCarthy is going to cut the number of officers answering 911 calls and put them in gang areas. Police won’t respond to certain types of calls to make this work. Some calls will go to 311 and others will be ignored.

Police Sergeants will prioritize the calls. Undoubtedly, the high-crime areas will get most of the attention and safer areas will be “punished” with fewer police services. 80% of the murders in Chicago are gang-related.

What really makes this outrageous is that the severity of the gun laws keeps legal gun owners from protecting themselves adequately. McCarthy spends a lot of time confiscating guns and it has done nothing to help the crime rate which is now soaring.

McCarthy has cut two patrol districts, two detective area headquarters, the entire rank of “assistant deputy superintendent” and he has disbanded two special units of police saturation teams which served as the foundation of the department’s anti-violence planning.

Homicides in Chicago have increased 35% this year, so is his strategy to cut staff working? It doesn’t matter, he’s going to keep on doing it, only now with 911 officers.

Last June, McCarthy gave his “government-sponsored racism” speech in which he stated that there was a cause-effect relationship between that and gang violence and illegal guns.

He demonized the NRA in the same speech, calling gun manufacturers the rich who live in gated communities. He race-baited and attacked the rich in one speech. He also made fun of Sarah Palin in that speech and it makes you wonder if he is unbiased enough to protect all the people in Chicago.

Government-sponsored racism implies police brutality. Listen to his rant here and ask yourself if the police feel they walk on eggshells.

If McCarthy doesn’t understand the cause of the violence, it will hurt his ability to stop it. It’s the gangs, stupid!

If legal gun owners were allowed to carry concealed weapons it would reduce the crimes they fall victim to.

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