Chief Ron Johnson Blew Some Credibility Friday


I was so impressed by Police Chief Ron Johnson until I wasn’t. I like his mild-mannered, calm, rational but firm approach. What I don’t like is what he said during his presser today.


I really wanted to believe in Chief Johnson but he let me down.

He is courageous and went out into the community without military gear and talked to the people. I give him a lot of credit.

But then he said that there were no arrests last night and all was peaceful.

He said, “It was a great night…there were no calls for service, no tear gas, no road blocks, no arrests, people were talking inspiring each other, and getting their voices out…”

That wasn’t true. If you go to the article I posted at 3 a.m. this morning, “Ferguson, the Night of the 15th in Tweets”, you will see that there were shootings, a knockout attack and some vandalism. Oh, and don’t let me forget how the cops were bullied out of McDonalds.

This entire sordid episode is being put on the cops and the initial instigators are being excused, their actions white-washed by the president of the a United States as “peaceful protests.”

We are being made to believe the police turned “peaceful protests” into riots. We were all lacking in understanding and if it weren’t for that, all would have been fine.

The reason there were no arrests is because the police were told to arrest no one. They were hard to find in fact.

Chief Johnson congratulated the leaders and activists who were present last night to bring calm. He didn’t mention that the New Black Panthers were directing traffic because there were no police to do it.

I guess it was a speak-o on Chief Johnson’s part.

I can’t blame the Chief. The president of the United States is micromanaging this. It’s hard to tell the truth when the Great Prevaricator himself doesn’t want you to and your life and career hang in the balance.

The narrative they are spinning is that people only rose up because of the police overreaction.

That’s not true. The police reacted when the lowlifes in and outside the area began to riot, loot and shoot people. They even tried to shoot down a police helicopter.

The police then sent in SWAT and SWAT uses military equipment. That seemed to slow the thefts and looting but Mr. Obama and others didn’t like their seeming strong-armed tactics.