Child’s Awesome Cardboard Fort Cited For Code Violations In Less Than One Day


Cardboard forts should send the message “hello, this is temporary”, but for the town officials of Ogden, Utah, common sense is irrelevant. The town enforcers notified the Trentelman family that their front-yard fort was “junk” and “waste” which had to be removed immediately and definitely within 15 days.

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Jeremy and Dee Trentelman, along with their toddlers Max, 3, and Story, 2, and some friends turned cardboard boxes last week into a front-yard fort with towers, trap doors, tunnels and a welcome sign.

“I just thought it was an awesome way to use boxes and my kids’ imagination,” Jeremy Trentelman told the Standard Examiner.

After one day, Ogden’s Keystone Cops – code enforcement officers – had a notice on the Trentelman’s door.


They’re facing possible penalties of $500 a day!

I wonder if Ogden is as efficient at catching criminals or even as tough on them.

The Trentelmans are people after my own heart. They’re keeping it up longer than they would have since they got the notice.

This is Utah folks! It’s not even socialist New York.

I had the same experience when I was a kid. I spent hours building an igloo. Let’s face it, igloos don’t last long in Queens, New York, but the cranks in the neighborhood called my grandmother and demanded it be dismantled immediately – it was an eyesore. Hard to understand how an igloo could be an eyesore in a snow storm.

Source: KUTV and the blaze