Chilling Facts About US-Mexico Border Invasion Led By Drug Cartels


illegals coming by sea

Drug cartels are bringing illegals over and handing them to Border Patrol agents who receive them on direct orders from the administration. Eric Holder did say it was a civil right for people to come here illegally.

Bill O’Reilly gave one of his best talking points memo last evening. He addressed the southern invasion and the president’s complete lack of response to ISIS but mostly he addressed his no-action policy towards the drug cartel-led invasion on our southern border.

The next video should alarm people. This gives us a glimpse into what is happening at the border.

This US border raid took place in November, 2013. It’s a clear warning.

People who want to follow the law of the land, who abide by immigration policy are now the counter-culture. Barack Obama is a man of the far-left and he appears to have made a cause out of open borders. He can’t be swayed from it no matter how bad things get.

His media, no longer mainstream, props up his failures.

Sen. Ted Cruz said that 95% of the illegal immigrant minors are coming for amnesty which Mr. Obama is giving them illegally.

Deportations of minors dropped 80% under Barack Obama. He recently claimed he wanted Congress to change TYPRA so he could deport the illegal minors entering the country, but he now says he will NOT deport the minors and is NOT asking for the law to be changed.

In 2008 there were 8,143 deportations. In 2013 there were 1,669.

According to the Los Angeles Times, this lack of border law enforcement is now an impetus to other minors seeking to come here illegally.

Breitbart reports that a leaked DHS memo dated last month states, “success at not being immediately repatriated drive OTM UC (or UAC, unaccompanied alien minors) migration to the United States.”

Less than 0.1% are ever deported and it is a driving force for the current influx, which will continue to worsen as long as Obama has these policies.


Photo of Placard ‘Stop Deportations’ via AP

Sen. Ted Cruz told of the horrors taking place on the Mark Levine show the other night:

“And as a direct consequence to that illegal amnesty, the number of unaccompanied children skyrocketed. So by this year, the estimate is there will be 90,000 unaccompanied children apprehended. That’s up from 6,000 just three years ago. Next year it’s estimated to be 145,000.”

“What’s really critical to understand is the human tragedy that’s playing out before us.”

“Just a couple of weeks ago I was down in Lackland Air Force Base, which is where some 1200 of the kids are being housed.”

“And these are little boys and little girls that are being handed over, not to well meaning social workers, but to hardened transnational global criminal cartels who are physically assaulting these kids, sexually assaulting these kids.”

“It is horrific!”

“And it’s the direct consequence of the president’s lawlessness.”

Some minors are being leased, some have been sent for by their illegal parents in our country who paid cartel coyotes to bring them. These are really the people we want (irony here).

When agents see minors with gang tattoos, they are told to release them. Some are obviously not minors but they don’t have to prove their age.

Mr. Obama, who for a week, let people think he would seek changes in the 2008 law which prevents the expedited deportation of children, has again changed course. Yesterday, the AP reported Obama will ask for $2 billion in funding to address the border crisis but will not seek an expedited process to return the children to their countries of origin. (Obama asked for $3.7 billion which comes to $80,000 per immigrant with nothing being done to close the border.)

Currently, children arriving from Mexico are treated under an expedited process in an attempt to discourage parents from sending them across the border.

The message Obama is sending is more illegal minors should enter the US illegally.

The situation is worse with adults who are coming in five-fold. We have no idea who these people are. We hold them for a few days and then release them with an appearance ticket.

More than 500 mothers are being released a day from McAllen alone. Some of these “mothers” could be members of gangs. We’ll never know.

Last October, Shawn Moran, Vice President of the National Border Patrol Council, claimed that Border Patrol management has begun the practice of ordering Border Patrol Agents to stand down and cease pursuing drug smugglers, human smugglers and traffickers, and illegal aliens.  He warned at that time it could lead to illegal aliens from terrorist nations entering the country.

“It doesn’t matter whether it’s drugs, bodies, or how large the group is, our agents are being ordered to stand down by Border Patrol management,” said Moran. “I have received reports from our agents in every single sector from San Diego to the Rio Grande Valley in Texas that they are receiving these orders.”

General John Kelly sees the invasion as an existential threat as serious as Iran or North Korea.

America’s porous southern border and the recent surge in illegal immigration is more than just a “humanitarian crisis,” claims the top U.S. general in charge of Central and South America, it’s a threat to the United States’ very existence.

Marine Corps Gen. John Kelly is commander of the U.S. Southern Command, or SOUTHCOM, responsible for The Caribbean Sea and all lands south of Mexico.

“In regards to the drug trade, murder rates and terrorist activity brewing in Central America, Kelly says, the waves of Latin Americans sweeping through Mexico and illegally into Texas presents a threat to the U.S. every bit as serious as Iran or North Korea.”

“In comparison to other global threats, the near collapse of societies in [this] hemisphere with the associated drug and [illegal immigrant] flow are frequently viewed to be of low importance,” Kelly said in an interview with Defense One. “Many argue these threats are not existential and do not challenge our national security. I disagree.”

More than 300,000 anonymous people have entered our country illegally since April. Those who aren’t gangbangers and jihadis are poor, uneducated, low-skilled workers with dependents. VP Biden said we need many more. President Obama said “They are our best and brightest. They are the future of America.”

He’s right about one thing – they are the future of America.