China Wants Our Infrastructure




China wants to invest in our infrastructure. I bet they do. My problem with this is that this would be the same China that is stealing our technology, launching cyber attacks on our infrastructure, and spying on us through the Internet.

This is the same China that has a much larger nuclear arsenal than we thought. They might actually have 3,000 miles of tunnel to hide their nuclear arsenal. Previous assumptions place the number of warheads as low as 80 and as high as 400. These are the people we will trust to have complete access to our technology, ports, and other infrastructure?

This is the same country that  requires compulsory transfer of technology by foreign companies as the price for doing business in China.

Maybe I am too cynical, I grant you.

This next article I have linked here states that having China more involved in Western economies might help defuse fears that China might use its USD 3.2 trillion in foreign reserves as a “political weapon.” In exchange, Washington is asked to relax restrictions on exports of dual use technologies to increase US exports to the country.

…Commerce Minister Chen Deming said his country wants closer cooperation with the US in infrastructure, clean energy and technology.

“We hope to achieve cooperation in the area of infrastructure,” Chen told members of the American Chamber of Commerce in China observing that much American famed infrastructure like railways and port needed renovation.

Chen said China wants to see Chinese and US companies cooperate more closely on clean energy, environmental and energy-saving technology, information technology, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and medical devices…India Times