China Warns Hong Kong of “Unimaginable Consequences”


China’s Communist Party warned pro-democracy demonstrators that there will be “unimaginable consequences” if protests in Hong Kong continue.

The threat came in the state-run People’s Daily as demonstrators demanded the city’s chief executive Leun Chun-Ying resign. They claim Leung is a fake who simply implements the policies of Beijing.

When Hong Kong was turned over to the Chinese by the British, Beijing promised to allow Hong Kong they’d enjoy the same freedoms they had.

Lord Patten, the last British governor of Hong Kong, accused Beijing of breaching its commitments to Hongkongers, made before the territory was returned to China in 1997.

He said Beijing undermined the so-called “one country, two systems” agreement, which affords the people of Hong Kong a degree of autonomy and freedoms not enjoyed by those in mainland China. “[The Chinese] said these matters were within the autonomy of the Hong Kong government and they are now reneging on that,” he said, adding that there must now be “a new period of genuine consultation” over democratic reform.

The British apparently really believed Beijing would stick by the agreement.

One protest leader, Lester Shum, of the Hong Kong Federation of Students, said there was “no room for dialogue” with Mr Leung because he had ordered police to fire tear gas at demonstrators. “Leung Chun-ying must step down. If he doesn’t resign by tomorrow, we will step up our actions, such as by occupying several important government buildings,” he said.

The last time students bucked Beijing was in Tiananmen Square.