China Will Buy 10% of Thames Water


Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth unless it’s a Trojan Horse of course.

Suppose you’re a European country in dire financial straits and suppose you are running out of things to sell – no one wants your bonds. What would you do?

Why you’d sell a percentage of your water network to Chinese communists of course, but not until you’ve already sold some of it to Abu Dhabi. That’s what the British did and we’ll probably do the same thing in the near future.

China has been wanting to buy stakes in the infrastructure of Western countries, the United States included. It’s a great idea from the perspective of the Chinese Communists since they won’t have to bother hacking the networks anymore.

The Abu Dhabi Investment Authority already bought 9.9% of the Thames Water for a consortium of investors (hate to think of who these investors might be).

According to Wiki, the Thames Water is the private utility company responsible for the public water supply and waste water treatment in large parts of Greater London, the Thames ValleySurreyGloucestershireWiltshireKent, and some other areas of in the United Kingdom. Thames Water is the UK’s largest water and wastewater services company, and supplies 2.6 Gigalitres of drinking water a day.

The Chinese plan to buy 10% of the Thames water supply and they will build up the infrastructure in exchange. They will not only own a percentage, they will have complete access to the infrastructure, which is much more the problem from my perspective.

China’s Commerce Minister, Chen Deming, recently said his government wants to convert some of its huge holdings of U.S. government debt into investment in American roads and railways. The Chinese communists want to build up our infrastructure as well as own it.

Chen said China is willing to turn debt holdings into investments, “hoping to create jobs for the United States.” How irresistible is that? I could resist it, but I’m not so sure Obama can.

Next we’ll hear that Ahmadinejad is going to invest in Western military weaponry so he can build up our arsenals.

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