Chinese Jerky Is Killing Our Dogs, Soon Chinese Food Could Kill Us


jerky treats from China

Well, we don’t know why Chinese jerky treats are killing our dogs but they are, just like we don’t know why thousands of pigs wind up dead on Chinese beaches but they do. So why are we importing Chinese jerky here and why are we looking to sell Chinese chicken and pork here?

Federal animal health officials from yet another ineffective government agency, announced Tuesday that the Chinese jerky caused an unknown illness in 3,600 dogs and 10 cats and about 600 pet deaths. In January, about 500 dogs and 9 cats died.

The feds have tested the treats more than 1,000 times and can’t find out why they there is a problem. The treats have chicken, duck, and sweet potato versions.

People should worry about the chicken especially since the USDA in their wisdom recently gave permission to companies to send our chicken to China for wrapping and they will soon allow Chinese chickens to be sold in the USA, as if we don’t have enough of our own chickens. We won’t even be told where the chickens have originated so you will not be able to boycott them easily.

Read about the chickens for human consumption on this link.

The Chinese are also buying Smithfield Foods right here in Virginia and will, as a result, become the largest pork producers in the world. Maybe they can do for chickens what they’ve done for pigs. We will no longer have to export our labor to China, we can simply sell our country to China.

As for the jerky dog treats, Nestle Purina PetCare and Mil’s Kitchen withdrew SOME of the dog treats in January after a NY agricultural official found potential antibiotics contamination.

If you love your pet, consider making your own treats. The Chinese treats are killing your dogs.

If you love your dog and your cat, it’s not worth it, it’s time to boycott.