Chinese Sculptor & His Questionable Vision of MLK Jr.


The Martin Luther King Jr. statue is finally complete. An American firm and Minnesota stone were used. Apparently, they couldn’t find a single sculptor in the United States, not a black or white sculptor, so they used Chinese communist sculptor, Lei Yixin (born 1954). He has been designated “Master Sculptor” at home in China.

It amazes me, and it should amaze everyone, that they couldn’t find a U.S. sculptor. I also don’t believe they couldn’t find a black sculptor.

I am glad they finally built the statue on the National Mall in D.C., but I hate this statue. He makes MLK look like an angry communist. MLK was more Gandhi and the visage of peace, forgiveness, sense of brotherhood is missing from the pose and the facial expression. This statue might have worked better for Malcolm X or Reverend Wright. Don’t forget this statue is supposed is to commemorate his “I have a Dream speech.” I congratulate all the efforts made by the people who raised the money to erect this statue, but they lost it when they picked the sculptor in my opinion.

Here’s another photo –