Chris Wallace asks Lanny Davis, “Do you ever get tired of cleaning up after the Clintons?”


Lanny Davis, former lawyer to Bill Clinton, family confidante, Clinton cover up specialist, got a beat down on Fox News Sunday today from Chris Wallace when he tried to explain how Hillary Clinton is blameless in the email scandal.

It was fiery.

Wallace asked Davis if Hillary Clinton did anything wrong and Lanny insisted she did nothing wrong by keeping her emails on a personal server for years.

Even after going through the list of rules she might have broken, Lanny insisted it was okay because she turned them over and she preserved them.

rules hillary might have broken

Davis praised Clinton for doing something she didn’t do, which was to volunteer her emails be made public.

Wallace said, “She didn’t volunteer! She had to negotiate for four months with the State Department lawyers before she turned them over.”

Davis threw out the Colin Powell straw man but Wallace explained that the rules changed from the time Powell was Secretary.

Davis said she had a good reason to use her personal email but never explained why. Wallace put her directive to staff up on the board. It advised employees to only use their government-issued emails.

Hillary's do as I say not as I do order

Then Davis threw out the Jeb Bush straw man to which Wallace shot back, “I’ve heard you play this game before. It’s like the Republicans during Watergate saying, ‘Well, Lyndon Johnson wiretapped people, too.’ It’s completely irrelevant. Let’s not play that game.”

A frustrated Wallace said, you handled campaign finance, impeachment, he asked Davis, “Do you ever get tired of cleaning up after the Clintons?”

Davis let out a canned laugh and said he didn’t see it as cleaning up. He’s proud of the Clintons’ public career and public good as reflected in the popularity ratings.

“Proud of Lewinsky, proud of campaign finance, proud of the private emails, you think those are moments of pride for the Clintons,” Wallace asked.

Davis tried to say Wallace got very heated over Whitewater but Wallace never discussed Whitewater, he said.

Davis resorted to the polls. “Bill Clinton left with a 65 percent approval rating. Hillary Clinton today is the most popular politician in the country. And you’re discussing a non-scandal…It’s all politics.”

It was a very heated exchange.

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