Christian Persecution, the Biggest Story Never Told


The reports of Christians being imprisoned, tortured, murdered around the world are too numerous to list. Some recent stories include kidnapped nuns, innocent young men being murdered for not converting to Islam, and hundreds of thousands of civilians just trying to live their lives:

AINA reports that the 15 Syrian nuns kidnapped from the Maalula convent north of Damascus will be used as “human shields.” There is an offer to exchange them for 1000 prisoners which is unlikely to happen. Pope Francis has called for prayers for the nuns.

Also from AINA, two Egyptian Christians were ordered to convert to Islam or die. When they refused, they were beaten, robbed and then shot to death.

More than 450,000 people, many Christians, have fled the Central African Republic to flee persecution. They are demanding action by the UN before they are slaughtered.

One woman who was enslaved by Boko Haram told a harrowing story of being forced to become a Muslim and then watch as they lured civilian Nigerians working with the military into death traps. She witnessed Boko Haram militia slashing their throats, according to Christian News.

The Guardian reports hundreds of Islamist militants staged an attack on the city of Maiduguri leaving untold numbers dead, bodies lay in the streets with their throats slit. It is part of their effort to establish an Islamic State.

boko haram

Photo of Boko Haram via Pat Dollard

The US media pretends Christians are not being slaughtered. They ignore the story. Some go so far as to say anyone who believes it is happening is a Christian-persecution Truther.

Christian Post reports that the UK Parliament has recognized the pogrom for what it is.

The British House of Parliament recently debated the plight of Christians around the world, with one Christian being killed every 11 minutes somewhere simply for being a Christian. They concluded it is the “most persecuted religion globally”.

Syria, North Korea, Eritrea, Nigeria, Iraq and Egypt are among those that are most dangerous for Christians.

MP Jim Shannon said the persecution of Christians is “the biggest story in the world that has never been told”. He said that more than 200 million Christians will be persecuted this year alone. Syrian Christians have been cleared out of Homs, Sada and Maaloula, and 2 million Christians have been killed in the Sudan over the past 30 years. Hundreds have been imprisoned in Nigeria, Eritrea, Kazakhstan, Moroccco, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Congo, Somalia, and China.

In Iraq, Christians are “frightened even to walk to church because they might come under attack. All the churches are targets… We used to have 1.5 million Christians, now we have probably only 200,000 left… There are more Iraqi Christians in Chicago than there are here”, said MP Shannon.

The former Bishop of Rochester, Michael Nazir-Ali said  “… the persecution of Christians was taking place in more than 130 of the 190 countries in the world at the moment”.