Christie Is Dead to Me


I liked Chris Christie. Sometimes he was a bit of a bully, but all-in-all, he seemed to have his heart in the right place.

Then he came out and said he was against coal, after only one conversation with an anti-coal group.

He was critical of Republican candidates during the Primary. That wasn’t great. On “Meet the Press,” he said Newt Gingrich has been “an embarrassment to the party,” citing his ethics violation and the fact that he was thrown out as speaker of the House by his own party. He criticized Santorum and complimented Obama to Schieffer during the Primary.

He sounded like a bully when talking about teachers. Being a bully yourself hardly makes a great case against union bullies.

When he did the photo-op with Obama during the Hurricane aftermath, I thought, well, he wants money for his state. Then he turned around two days later and said he didn’t think he needed to apologize for saying the president did a good job when he did.That was it for me.

Frankly, FEMA has been doing its usual bad job so his statement wasn’t even true. Then there is the little fact that he knew full well that his explanation was another plug for Obama right before the election.

Bill O’Reilly said the following:

O’REILLY: I did pick up two things. On the exit polling, Hurricane Sandy was prominent in the exit polling. And that is really interesting. Because it just impacted a bunch of Northeast states who would vote for Barack Obama but the country was so locked in on this fierce storm. Americans like storms. And they were — and there was Chris Christie and president Obama walking down the beach, you know, with a little ‘Seth in the Moon Glow’ music behind him and it just wiped the Governor’s campaign off the map. For five days. Five days Mitt Romney disappeared from the national debate and from the media headline.

An O’Reilly poll (probably unscientific) showed that 42% of the undecideds voted for Obama based on his leadership during the Hurricane Sandy aftermath. That’s very funny since the aftermath is horrible. Whoever was undecided to that point was a moron anyway.

On Wednesday, Christie said he didn’t cost Romney the election:

“My activity with President Obama was just another chapter in the leadership I’ve tried to show in this state, which is people care more about getting things done than they care about partisanship.”

“And I’m going to continue to conduct myself that way.”

Maybe not, but he certainly can’t be trusted and he’s dead to me.