Christie’s “Hit” on Rubio was his plea to be GOP VP

Mitt Romney, Chris Christie
Governor Christie is seen here out campaigning halfheartedly for Mitt Romney in 2011.

Chris Christie, like several other Republican governors, was spending a ton of time in New Hampshire, hoping to jump start his run for the presidency. But, when the Granite State Debate rolled around we’re thinking he pretty much knew his campaign was dead in the water.

While John Kasich and even Jeb Bush were drawing both interest and crowds, it seemed their rival from New Jersey, whenever shown on camera, was surrounded, mostly by the media. In addition, there was little if any encouragement coming from polls which had Trump, Cruz, Rubio, and the aforementioned govs all well ahead of him; and gaining momentum.

So what should a fellow, expecting to soon be fired from his current state job do? Why simply apply for a new government position, but at the federal level. By going hard at Marco Rubio during Saturday night’s contest, Christie, practically speaking, was applying for the position of Vice President.

It makes perfect sense. Chris, knowing it would be all over for him in just a few days, assumed what has become the traditional role of a nominee’s VP, by acting as an “attack dog”. He likely hoped those who’d begun the nation’s first primary badly trailing an ascending Rubio would remember this “favor” and repay it down the road.

So Gov. Christie took the opportunity to submit his resume’ in front of a national television audience, not to enhance his own standing in New Hampshire, but to gain favor with candidates who would remain in the race.   Let’s be honest. While the optics of a blustery, confrontational Chris Christie going after a generally likable Marco Rubio appeared to be a “kamikazi mission”, it was not.

It was a calculated act by the New Jersey Governor. Understanding very well, polls both in NJ and NH, he, in a desperate plea to be the GOP’s choice for VP, decided to come out swinging.

We’d recommend Republicans considering Christie to ask themselves one simple question. As a running mate, would they rather have an “attack dog”, or someone capable of at least winning his or her own state?