Christmas Memorial Tree for Soldiers Barred in Bar Harbor – Update


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Town officials in Bar Harbor, Maine have banned the Christmas tree erected two years ago in honor of fallen soldiers from WW II. The plaque on the memorial said, ‘The Christmas they never had.’



Apparently, the town had 10 complaints over two years. They won’t allow a symbol of Christmas because it might offend some people – ten apparently.

We are losing our First Amendment over issues like this. It’s becoming free speech but only as long as no one is offended.

The town officials don’t believe the tree has anything to do with honoring the military even though it does.

The tree will stand but the lights and the memorial will be taken off and brought to another town in Maine.

The tree was placed by Wreaths Across America and the organization does indeed have everything to do with honoring our fallen. Check out this videos from the organization because it gives you an idea of what PC hopes to take away from us in the war against any public expression that involves religion in any way:

[SOURCE: Fox & Friends, October 11]

Update: 10/21/13:

On October 21, Talk Show host Bill O’Reilly had a segment on the event with one reporter attending a Town Council meeting: