Chuck Responding Strangely To Medford Murders


I Found The Angle

Huh? Chuck, huh?

We had a horrific multiple murder on Long Island. A vicious drug addict went into a pharmacy and shot four innocent people to death in a most brutal way so he could steal the OxyContin. Senator Schumer, looking for a political angle on this crime, said he will push for more legislation against doctor shopping.

A druggie murders innocent people in Medford and Chuck wants a law against doctor shopping? Outside of more useless & expensive government intervention, what will that do since we already have laws dealing with this.

Meanwhile, Chuck seemingly could care less about our unsecured borders or about enforcing the many drug laws we already have.

This from Newsday today: The Father’s Day pharmacy killings in Medford are ample evidence that the theft and illegal distribution of prescription drugs is an epidemic that must be stopped with legislation, Sen. Charles Schumer said Sunday.
“What happened in Medford should be a wake-up call to the nation,” Schumer said. “The abuse of prescription drugs isn’t as deeply entrenched yet, but it’s growing as quickly as crack did.”