Chuck Schumer Communes with the Dead to Determine Gun Laws


Senator Chuck Schumer spoke before the Senate Thursday, challenging the President to take on the NRA and pass gun laws. The Senate Majority Leader communed with the deceased and said they want the President to take on the NRA. Did Schumer also speak to the dead babies Planned Parenthood killed?

Shall we ask Chuck if he would be the first Democrat senator to buck Planned Parenthood who are killing more than a million babies a year?

The NRA hasn’t killed anyone, nor do they support killing, and they do not assist others in killing people though Planned Parenthood does all of that.

The money the NRA lobby receives in no way compares to the billions the unions have given Planned Parenthood over the years. That has escaped Schumer’s notice.

Schumer seems to be omniscient and know what the right thing to do is. He’s calling for bump stocks to be banned but it was the Obama administration that okayed them. Even if they ban them, they can be home-made. We don’t even know for sure if the killer used bump stocks. Some media are reporting they are automatic guns and others are reporting he had bump stocks.

Schumer said that police found the gunman because of the noise but actually some articles said it was the smoke alarms. Also silencers would have made almost no difference. The guns still would have been extremely loud.

The left doesn’t care about facts, they want our guns.

This is the text from C-Span at 11:18:

Leftists like irony that insults the right. Take Nancy Sinatra for example. She wants NRA members to be put before a firing squad. Only there is one problem Nancy — the NRA isn’t murderous. However, Planned Parenthood is actually murderous.


  1. Why do the leftists “run” from searching for motivations. Even local “journalist” radio hosts, when confronted with motivation, quickly change the subject.

    Recall, the FBI has stated there are approximately 1000 cases of ISIS terrorists ongoing. In this case the FBI representative has downplayed any affiliation and refuses to give any information. Surmise for a moment if the FBI “dropped the ball” in this case and the outrage that would result. Their credibility in Any further investigations would be called into question and even past ones would be under scrutiny. It would put into question every “sting” operation of the past which the FBI coerced suspects to engage in some type of terrorist activity.

  2. Upchuck Schumer has no concern for the unborn. Planned Parenthood intends to keep it that way through donations. When it comes to the abortion issue Upchuck communes with only one dead person; Adolph Hitler.

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