City by the Bay Just Got a Whole Lot More Disgusting


outdoor urinal

San Francisco has vagrants living on their streets and in their parks but not enough public bathrooms so they installed an outdoor public urinal for men. This was their solution to vagrants urinating in public areas. They even spent $15,000 taxpayer dollars for it. Shouldn’t this have gone up for a vote?

The LA Times said they painted walls with a repellent that forces the urine spray back on the doer but then they came up with this idea.

A really cool GQ reporter did a tongue-in-cheek article about it because he thinks this is something to joke about. He first stopped at the famed Hot Cookie, a cookie stand on Castro Street that sells penis-shaped macaroons and has its walls decorated with men rocking tighty whities adorned with the Hot Cookie logo.  He filled himself up so he had enough urine to use the urinal which he did. He gave his Four Flush approval.

How cool.

Not everyone is happy about it and complaints have gone unheeded.

An attorney representing a group of six civic organizations has sent a legal claim letter to the city of San Francisco threatening to sue if the open-air urinal in Dolores Park is not removed in 20 days. It’s San Francisco’s first open-air urinal.

The groups say the urinal is a flagrant violation of the law and basic public policy, is unsanitary and discriminates against women and children because it is not designed for females. A city spokeswoman was not immediately available for comment Friday.

Yes, duh, it is and it’s disgusting. Letting vagrants live anywhere they want is also not a good idea. It’s unsafe but what do they care as  long as they abide by their ideology.

Source: Fox 40 and GQ and Pacific Justice Institute