Transformation of the Cleveland PD Is About ‘Redistribution of Power’


The transformation of the Cleveland police department is not about solving problems, it’s social justice at work, Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson told Steve Salzburg on Newsmax TV. It’s not about building good relationships between the police and the community, it’s about the “redistribution of power”, he continued.

Rev. Peterson believes this is an opportunity for the liberals to put their “crazy idea of social justice” in place.

With the serious and sudden rise in crime, police in Baltimore and elsewhere are being criticized but they can’t have it both ways. Police are holding back because “they’re damned if they do and damned if they don’t.”

[Unbelievably, the president is now trying to blame inadequate gun control.]

We can thank the president and the DOJ for creating this environment, Peterson said.

This discussion starts at about 02:50: