Cleveland Police Are Heartbroken, Worried and Out on a Limb by Themselves Ahead of RNC


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When Obama gave his statement about the Baton Rouge police today, he seemed angry as he complained about the inflammatory rhetoric and careless accusations made to score points. Was he referring to some of the comments made today blaming him for the divisiveness? Probably.

He is responsible for it. He does his best to promote disharmony and animus. The killer tweeted something that made it clear there is a direct link between his false narrative and stirring up of racial hate and the death of these officers.

The killer, Gavin Long, tweeted this on July 13: “Violence is not THE answer (its a answer), but at what point do you stand up so that your people dont become the Native Americans…EXTINCT?”

The Cleveland police who will soon be dealing with the radicals at the RNC convention are heartbroken over today’s events and they are very worried about what might happen over this next week.

Cleveland police Detective Steve Loomis, who is also the union chief, said he would like to see open carry suspended during the convention. They have suspended it for a six-block radius around the arena so they should be able to expand beyond that area, he believes. He doesn’t want police to be stopping law-abiding citizens and diverting resources away from the bad guys.

The New Black Panthers have promised to come heavily armed and they have in the past promoted the killing of cops and whiteys.

I don’t agree with this particular solution but Officer Loomis has a point. If they can do it for the delegates, why not for the police. It would be martial law, and it’s not the guns, it’s the violent people. However, he is absolutely correct that the Cleveland police are out on a limb by themselves. The Chief won’t even let them have shields because they look too “militaristic”.

Officer Loomis just wants help and doesn’t want his 524 police out there without adequate help against tens of thousands of people. He’s reaching out.

Officer Loomis wants to know how police officers became the enemy. The shooting today resulted after a four-time convicted felon fought with police with a gun in his pocket.

The Black Lives Matter and other groups are threatening to kill police over it.

The president made divisive statements the day after five Dallas police officers were killed, causing these problems.

Mr. Loomis is begging for leadership.

Martha McCallum read some of the president’s statement today in which Obama called killers of officers “cowards”. Mr. Loomis said it was a very nice statement and he wishes it was what he was saying the day after the police-involved shootings in Louisiana and Minnesota because it would have gone a long way.

What Obama and the Governor of Minnesota said sparked these murders. You can’t compare police-involved shootings with murders. The president didn’t even wait until the findings were out. He didn’t know what the findings were.

Obama always deprives these cops of Due Process and convicts them in the court of public opinion before the findings have been determined.


  1. Aware that Barack Obama and Loretta Lynch are (have) putting into place a global police force on the streets of America, are they so low that they would put a target on the backs of police officers by denying them the use of police armor and other accessories thereby fundamentally transforming local police into sitting ducks?

    I dare say they would. Make the police look weak and incompetent. Then after so many are killed, declare local law enforcement inept and incapable of handling itself and protecting the citizens thereby ordaining Massa’ Obama to step in. Enter Executive Order: “Executive Order — United States Policy on Pre- and Post-Strike Measures to Address Civilian Casualties in U.S. Operations Involving the Use of Force

    • I just added that to the body of a more recent article but it needs a separate article. People don’t know it’s happening.

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