Clever! Hear Donald Trump’s Response to MSNBC’s Gotcha Question


During a town hall event Wednesday evening, MSNBC anchor Mika Brzezinski asked Donald Trump a trick question, but his response was just as clever.

Brzezinski told Trump that she was going to describe a candidate, and then she wanted him to tell her who she was describing.

“The candidate is considered a political outsider by all the pundits. He’s tapping into the anger of the voters, delivers a populist message. He believes everyone in the country should have healthcare, he advocates for hedge fund managers to pay higher taxes, he’s drawing thousands of people at his rallies, and bringing in a lot of new voters to the political process. And he’s not beholden to any super PAC. Who am I describing?” Brzezinski asked.

“You’re describing Donald Trump,” The Donald said without skipping a beat.

That’s when Brzezinski sprung it on him, “Actually, I was describing Bernie Sanders,” the MSNBC host said with a sly smile followed by hesitant laughter from the audience.

Trump surprised

Trump, was surprised, but unruffled and responded, “Well, that’s good.”

He then cleverly turned it onto a point of agreement he has with Sanders on trade and explained where Sanders gets it wrong. This is one reason Trump is successful, he turns lemons into lemonade.

You decide who got the better end of that exchange.



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